This painting gave me some trouble. I started it a few months ago, and then it just sat. And sat. And sat some more. Finally, I just had to build up the determination to sit down and finish it. I think what was holding me back so much was that I didn’t have the patience to finish the details on the wings. All of the symmetrical lines and shapes were driving me nuts. I decided instead to go super loose with it, and I’m in love with the results!

I’ve used a bunch of splatter again 🙂

Here I’ve got a sketch going and am starting to paint the black background:

Getting a bright yellow base for the butterfly wings:

Here is where I got stuck:

And here is where I finished. I let myself be free and expressive and kept the colors really bright:

A detail:

This piece is going to appear in an upcoming show “Birds, Bugs & Brews” in Salem, Oregon. The opening reception is Saturday, September 4th. Stay tuned for more details!


I painted this little piece a long time ago, but it took forever to dry.  The background is a very deep purple but it almost looks black in the photograph. It still doesn’t have a name…

Update: This piece sold at the Birds, Bugs and Brews fundraiser.

Untitled 5×7 Oil on Canvas

My Cousin Rob and his wife Stephanie recently took a trip to England and one of the places that they visited was a town called Norwich. The Cathedral there is especially beautiful. Rob commissioned both Jack and I to draw/paint it. (Stay tuned for Jack’s piece. I’m speedier then him.)

I was especially drawn (no pun intended) to one of the photos that Rob took:

Here are my first sketches on the canvas (using charcoal):

Here you can see some first dabs of acrylic paint (on the spire):

(The process shots are all pretty dark)

And finally, the finished piece:

A detail of windows:

Recent Palettes


Luna Moths are awesome; that goes without saying. I’ve got a couple of pieces to show you. Two are paintings that I’ve done and one is a fine art doll that my sister created.

I finished this first piece when I was spending some time on the coast with my in-laws. Their house is one of the most inspiring places 🙂 My Father-in-law found the moth when he was a kid at his summer cabin in Minnesota. He said that when he found it the color was a vibrant sea green. Over the years it has faded. Even though the moth has lost some of its color, it is still very beautiful.

Dave’s Luna Moth 7×5 Oil on Canvas 2009

The second Luna Moth I completed a couple months ago while my sister was working on her fine art doll, William.  This guy is a vibrant sea green that I wanted to do as a comparison to the more faded one I had painted previously. I used some graphite for line work and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Portrait of William the Luna Moth 4×4 Oil and Graphite on Canvas 2010

Here are some photos of the fine art doll version of William:

William the Luna Moth, mixed media fine art doll by Aerica Keith 2010

It was a super fun collaboration her and I both doing the same subject in different media. My favorite part are his hands:

Yay for Luna Moths!

This is a 18″ x 24″ painting I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. It is in response to a call to artists, so I’m going to be submitting it to a group show soon.

This is one of the sketches where I worked out the composition:

Here are my first marks on the canvas. It is going to be a crow standing on a pile of newspapers. You’ll recognize the crow’s pose from some of the crow studies I’ve posted before.

Here you can see I’m getting the form of the newspapers roughed in. I used acrylic for most of the work:

Here I started layering color for the background:

At this stage I’m getting pretty close to being finished with the newspapers. I knew I wanted to add some more typographic details and color but I was pretty happy with them all-in-all:

And finally, here is the painting close to being finished. The oils are still very wet. I have re-painted his feet because I wasn’t happy how they were looking before:

I have added color in the newspapers and really flushed out the crow. One of my last steps was adding thick oil paint to define the crow’s feathers and some of the darkest areas in the newspapers.

Stay tuned for final photos once it a bit more dry (a couple weeks at least) and I will also go in to detail about the concept for the piece.

I did a little strolling on Alberta on Sunday and snapped some crow photos. I did  more loose/gestural sketches based on the photos (and also some of the poses I was working on before), but this time in oil pastel. I’m loving the contrast I ended up with, and the consistency is awesome to work with. This first crow is my favorite. He was eating some junk off the street:

And finally a bug for good measure: