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I just came home from a weekend retreat in the woods with a huge group of belly dancers. The creative energy inspired me SO much and I am painting again!! I started a canvas and FINALLY have decided on a theme to create a series. I have been trying to decide on a topic to […]

I finished this painting last fall and it is my biggest canvas to date. Love it! I’m dreadfully behind on posting pictures, but I thought I would show a little sneak peek. This was mid-way through the process (still quite unfinished), and was one of my favorite bits: Stay tuned for the rest.

I’ve recently completed two acrylics that have a house as the subject. The first was a response to a call to artists on the subject of “The cutting edge”. I ended up interpreting it as what is modern, versus something more literal like a knife, or the aspect of cutting something. I thought about the […]

Here’s a photo of Jack helping me wire a new painting for Saturday’s Birds, Bugs & Brews show. Stay tuned for more pics! Photo courtesy of Justin Spriggs

My painting La Bella Sera is going to appear in a juried group show “Uncertain Times: Contemporary Art Views on the Fate of the Newspaper” at the Pittock Mansion here in Portland starting July 17th. The show runs through November 14. I’m putting the finishing touches on the frame tonight and delivering it tomorrow. I’m […]

This painting gave me some trouble. I started it a few months ago, and then it just sat. And sat. And sat some more. Finally, I just had to build up the determination to sit down and finish it. I think what was holding me back so much was that I didn’t have the patience […]

I painted this little piece a long time ago, but it took forever to dry.  The background is a very deep purple but it almost looks black in the photograph. It still doesn’t have a name… Update: This piece sold at the Birds, Bugs and Brews fundraiser. Untitled 5×7 Oil on Canvas