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Sketch of Bort


This was just a quick pencil sketch of my cat, Bort, on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Advertisements

My Cousin Rob and his wife Stephanie recently took a trip to England and one of the places that they visited was a town called Norwich. The Cathedral there is especially beautiful. Rob commissioned both Jack and I to draw/paint it. (Stay tuned for Jack’s piece. I’m speedier then him.) I was especially drawn (no […]

I did a little strolling on Alberta on Sunday and snapped some crow photos. I did  more loose/gestural sketches based on the photos (and also some of the poses I was working on before), but this time in oil pastel. I’m loving the contrast I ended up with, and the consistency is awesome to work […]

I’m working on a rather large painting that is a response to a call to art for a group show that is coming up (update: it is La Bella Sera). My painting is going to center around a crow, which is my favorite bird. I decided to do some studies tonight on a small scale […]