Design Work

Hi. You must be curious about my design work? Super! 🙂

I’ve been mostly working in the interactive space for the past three and a half years as I’m working at a digital agency (however, I have had the opportunity to create some print work along the way, which I’ve always enjoyed!). I’ve chosen the following projects to highlight my versatility and commitment to creating beautiful, usable experiences.


Moonit is a social compatibility tool which uses astrology as a base for its suggestions.  My involvement included art direction, branding (including support in the naming process), tone-of-voice development, website design and mobile design. I’m really proud to say that Moonit won the “App” category at the 2010 webvisionary awards.

Seven Planet

Seven Planet is burgeoning series of general stores which adhere to “mindful commerce.” The business owners have a commitment to doing business fairly and with careful regard for the environment. I wanted this design to speak to a simpler time when superstores and GMOs didn’t exist. I relied heavily on burlap texture and earth tones to speak to that old-timey aesthetic.

Breitling Watches Pin Code Landing Page

Breitling is a high-end developer and manufacturer of performance watches. This is a landing page for a pin-code campaign to capture long-time customer’s email addresses. The photography was a pleasure to work with!

French Quarter Linens Email

French Quarter Linens is a luxury boutique in Portland, Oregon. The brick and mortar presence is beautiful. Well worn and loved pieces are paired with deluxe fabrics. I used textures and layers of paper in the design to help bring that in-store to their customer’s inboxes.

Wacom New Brand Announcement Email

I designed this email for Wacom Technology shortly after they undertook a major re-branding which resulted in a bold new color palette and innovative mark. This email was an introduction to their retailers encouraging them to go online and learn about the coming changes.

Spirit Mountain Casino Website

Spirit Mountain is a casino, hotel and entertainment destination in Grand Ronde, Oregon.  I wanted to create a warm, inviting experience on the web that matched the feeling of sitting in front of the fire in the lodge. Since its launch, the new site has seen more traffic, much longer stays, and a 30% increase in Coyote club sign-ups.

As Jim Morrision said, “This is the end” and you have come to the end, my friend. If you have any unanswered questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.