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This painting gave me some trouble. I started it a few months ago, and then it just sat. And sat. And sat some more. Finally, I just had to build up the determination to sit down and finish it. I think what was holding me back so much was that I didn’t have the patience […]

I painted this little piece a long time ago, but it took forever to dry.  The background is a very deep purple but it almost looks black in the photograph. It still doesn’t have a name… Update: This piece sold at the Birds, Bugs and Brews fundraiser. Untitled 5×7 Oil on Canvas

My Cousin Rob and his wife Stephanie recently took a trip to England and one of the places that they visited was a town called Norwich. The Cathedral there is especially beautiful. Rob commissioned both Jack and I to draw/paint it. (Stay tuned for Jack’s piece. I’m speedier then him.) I was especially drawn (no […]