Three Luna Moths


Luna Moths are awesome; that goes without saying. I’ve got a couple of pieces to show you. Two are paintings that I’ve done and one is a fine art doll that my sister created.

I finished this first piece when I was spending some time on the coast with my in-laws. Their house is one of the most inspiring places 🙂 My Father-in-law found the moth when he was a kid at his summer cabin in Minnesota. He said that when he found it the color was a vibrant sea green. Over the years it has faded. Even though the moth has lost some of its color, it is still very beautiful.

Dave’s Luna Moth 7×5 Oil on Canvas 2009

The second Luna Moth I completed a couple months ago while my sister was working on her fine art doll, William.  This guy is a vibrant sea green that I wanted to do as a comparison to the more faded one I had painted previously. I used some graphite for line work and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Portrait of William the Luna Moth 4×4 Oil and Graphite on Canvas 2010

Here are some photos of the fine art doll version of William:

William the Luna Moth, mixed media fine art doll by Aerica Keith 2010

It was a super fun collaboration her and I both doing the same subject in different media. My favorite part are his hands:

Yay for Luna Moths!

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