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Recent Palettes



Luna Moths are awesome; that goes without saying. I’ve got a couple of pieces to show you. Two are paintings that I’ve done and one is a fine art doll that my sister created. I finished this first piece when I was spending some time on the coast with my in-laws. Their house is one […]

This is a 18″ x 24″ painting I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. It is in response to a call to artists, so I’m going to be submitting it to a group show soon. This is one of the sketches where I worked out the composition: Here are my first marks on […]

I did a little strolling on Alberta on Sunday and snapped some crow photos. I didĀ  more loose/gestural sketches based on the photos (and also some of the poses I was working on before), but this time in oil pastel. I’m loving the contrast I ended up with, and the consistency is awesome to work […]

Hey guys! The creepy crawlies show is officially over. Here are the other three pieces I had in the show: “Peacock Butterfly” Oil on Canvas “Tiny Beetle” Oil on canvas “Sketchy Beetle” Acrylic on CanvasĀ  Sketchy Beetle was an after hours sale, which I think is super appropriate considering he is a bit of a […]