Three Beetle Buddies


Here is a sneak peek at three small-ish paintings I’m just about finished with. They are all in acrylic which I’m really liking at the moment. I kept some of it really watery (especially in the backgrounds) so there are drippy and watercolor-esque elements.

The first is a technically a weevil. Here is the sketch I started with:

Here is the (almost) finished painting. Jack (My Husband) just pointed out that I didn’t paint one of his legs. Ha! Still some work to do. I might simplify the background a bit. It might be too distracting.

The second guy has some gnarly pincers:

And here is the third. I’m really digging the oval canvases. I did another painting (a butterfly) on an oval, but it is an oil and is still drying.

I’m using a moss green color for the backgrounds which originated in this large painting I’m working on (stay tuned it is almost finished!) I liked the color so much I wanted to use it in these small pieces. They are all around the 5×7 size. I’ll be taking better quality photos and listing them on my Etsy shop later. They’ll probably be hanging in Salem, OR. soon as well.

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