Dreams and Painting


There is a connection for me between dreams and art. Both take me to some other place. Both have an element of the unknown. Both are magical.

I’ve been inspired by dreams more times than I can count. The other night I dreamed that I was doing a Jackson Pollock painting. I was splattering paint this way and that. The next day I decided to add some splatter elements to a small spider painting I was working on. I’m really  happy with the outcome, and it was super fulfilling creatively. Maybe because it was the act of realizing a dream?

Here is the beginning stage of the painting. I had just penciled in the rough outline.

Detail of the initial sketch. I was working in graphite.

Final painting. “Spider with Striped Legs”  I decided to keep this one acrylic. I was planning on adding oil, but I like where it ended up so I decided not to.

Detail of final painting. It is for sale over at my Etsy Shop.

I have a few other concepts that popped up in dreams that I haven’t executed yet. One involves a talking horse.

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