Creepy Crawlies Show at Good Gallery


I’ve got four paintings in a show this month at good: a gallery. It is a charming little space! There are three more weekends to check out the work. I love bugs and I fell in love with more than one piece from other artists in the show.

My sister Etsie also has an incredible fine art doll in the show that is you’ve got to see. Here are some photos from the show:

Here I am with my painting “Hercules, the Strongest Beetle on Earth” (oil on canvas) I look a little goofy in this picture 🙂

Outside the Gallery

Here is my sis Etsie with her fine art doll “William the Luna Moth”

Scott Foster, Myself and Etsie

Gummy worms. I ate like 50 of these at the reception.

Like I said, I have four pieces in the show. So you’ll have to go in person to see the other three!

One Response to “Creepy Crawlies Show at Good Gallery”

  1. So exciting, what a fun show, and I love the gummy worms! That is a pretty cool doll that your sister made as well.

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