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The Beetle Buddies are all finished! I worked on the backgrounds a bit more and added that missing leg. Here they are: Beetle Buddy One 6×8 Acrylic on Canvas Beetle Buddy Two 5×7 Acrylic on Canvas Beetle Buddy Three 6×8 Acrylic on Canvas What buddies. I can just picture the three of them heading out […]

Here is a sneak peek at three small-ish paintings I’m just about finished with. They are all in acrylic which I’m really liking at the moment. I kept some of it really watery (especially in the backgrounds) so there are drippy and watercolor-esque elements. The first is a technically a weevil. Here is the sketch […]

I’m working on a rather large painting that is a response to a call to art for a group show that is coming up (update: it is La Bella Sera). My painting is going to center around a crow, which is my favorite bird. I decided to do some studies tonight on a small scale […]

There is a connection for me between dreams and art. Both take me to some other place. Both have an element of the unknown. Both are magical. I’ve been inspired by dreams more times than I can count. The other night I dreamed that I was doing a Jackson Pollock painting. I was splattering paint […]

I’ve got four paintings in a show this month at good: a gallery. It is a charming little space! There are three more weekends to check out the work. I love bugs and I fell in love with more than one piece from other artists in the show. My sister Etsie also has an incredible […]